Introduction to English

We have a series of courses to help students new to English become familiar with the language.  Starting with the alphabet and phonics, we work our way through syllables and then on to speaking and reading simple words and sentences. Students learn basic grammar through our curriculum. Students will acquire language fluency through interactions with peers, they will learn and practice basic skills to communicate in English. Our fun and interactive approach brings students out of their shells and builds up their confidence. This makes learning English less stressful and more enjoyable.

Choose a Beginner Course

Level 0

For learners with little to no knowledge of English

Level 1

For learners that can read and write and have some knowledge

Level 2

For learners able to read, write and speak English

Need help choosing?

We have something for all English language learners – those preparing for an exam, with a family, and who want to stand out in their profession.