Creating Stronger Families with English

Lasmun English’s Family English Language Courses are designed for parents and children aged 4 to 15. These courses are a fantastic opportunity for parents and their children to bond, learn to read, write and speak English together. Courses use age-appropriate activities to engage both parent and child. Classes are offered at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels to meet the need to individuals’ families.

The family courses promote language diversity in the home. This can help children learn not only about other cultures but also about themselves as individuals. Additionally, these programs provide a safe and supportive environment for both parents and children while they build English language fluency.

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English for Preschoolers

For young learners between 3-5 years old & their families

English for Gradeschoolers

For young learners between 5-12 years old & their families

English for Teens

For young learners between 13-19 years old

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We have something for all English language learners – those preparing for an exam, with a family, and who want to stand out in their profession.