The capacity for schools and university to provide English as a second language varies. Lasmun English helps schools and universities provide the highest quality education to students.

Professional Development

English as a Second Language (ESL) Professional Development Project was established to improve the effectiveness and impact that English language educators. Lasmun English provides interactive workshops that connect theory to practice and include opportunities for hands-on practice. Individuals who complete our programs are prepared to develop and deliver effective language courses to English-language learners.

Lasmun English provides coaching that is grounded based on local context, collaborative, and reflective. Our coaching can be customized for pre‐service, new and experienced teachers. We provide support in areas including; 

  • Curriculum design
  • Lesson planning
  • Lesson modeling, observation, and feedback

We also provide coaching for principals, assistant principals, and paraprofessionals.

Do you want to increase the effectiveness and impact that your English language educators have on helping students become fluent in English?

Pre‐Service Teacher Training

The course introduces participants to major theories of second language acquisition and what they mean for K‐12 classroom teaching and learning. The purpose of the course is help teacher candidates (1) understand theoretical issues and research‐based methods in second language learning in formal and informal situations, (2) acquire communication skills that support ELL students learning, (3) use appropriate instructional activities that meet the needs of ELL students, and (4) support other teachers and administrators in working effectively with ELL students.

Instructors use different teaching methods to deliver the course. For example, lectures, small group discussions, analysis of readings, case studies, reflections, and group projects. Teacher candidates’ performance is evaluated based on a variety of activities, including oral presentations, written assignments and reports, exams, quizzes, individual and group projects, case studies, analysis of ELL student work samples, journal reflections, and portfolio development.

Program Evaluation

Lasmun English provides program evaluation services for k-12 schools and universities, public agencies, community-based organizations, and non-profit organizations that want to structure effective language learning and developmental settings for students.  

English language programs must be based on sound educational theory and provide students with the opportunity to practice and improve their English skills. This means that they must be evaluated regularly in order to make sure that programs are delivered in a way that allows students to progress and learn in a welcoming environment. Lasmun English can help you do just that, by providing complete program evaluation services. 

Lasmun English provides complete program evaluation services that use qualitative and quantitative data to make actionable recommendations. We work with stakeholders to define the steps necessary to take your language learning program to the next level. Program evaluations are fully personalized, ensuring that each client gets the most accurate information possible.

Program evaluation may include, 

  • Analysis of student outcome data
  • Evaluation of institutional culture and environment
  • One-on-one and small group interviews
  • Classroom observations
  • Survey Studies
  • Analysis of institutions program-related documents
  • Examination of curriculum and instructional material 
  • Evaluation of staff recruiting and retention practices

Do you want to strengthen your existing language learning program to increase outcomes for the students you serve?